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FX Pedals

Gut Shots/Schematics

Pictures of different pedal circuit boards and parts. Also schematics I have put together of existing boards, and maybe some I hope to put together at some point. All made by scratch and not outsourced.

Rehouse Projects

Rehousing plastic behringer pedals. These pedals are great clones of more expensive pedals, but the plastic casing and overall design leaves much to be desired. We look at a couple of pedals I have rehoused.


Coming soon…

Shameless Plugs


A music project from a few years ago. Mostly experimental stuff I made on a tablet and midi keyboard.


One full length album on Bandcamp



My other projects page, mostly for game related stuff. I may move it all over here, or move this all over there eventually.

Also check out our YouTube channel for game play throughs.

Retro Q Gaming

A real OG. Check out his gaming motorcycling content.

Affiliate Links

These are all referral and affiliate links. It is all stuff I actually use and recommend. If you see something you might be interested take a look and buy something to help keep this site alive and ad free (you should be using an adblocker anyway.

Other Recs

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